Gary Geipel

Gary Geipel

Gary is an Indianapolis author as well as a communications consultant with professional experience in the biopharmaceuticals industry and national-security research.


Twitter files raise concerns

By: - December 6, 2022

We will be inclined to move on again quickly as we usually do – commentators in both of the major tribes already are labeling it a “nothing-burger” or a “snooze-fest” – but last weekend’s release of Twitter emails about the platform’s handling of a news story near the end of the 2020 presidential campaign has […]


The tribes are alike but the rest of us can be different

By: - October 17, 2022

Members of America’s warring political tribes tend to think of themselves as irreconcilably different. In fact, they have a great deal in common. Recognizing the similarities is an important first step for their frustrated fellow citizens and elected representatives who want to move the country past our ugly, dangerous stalemate. The progressive-populist Woke and the […]


On abortion, we’re learning civic engagement again

By: - August 30, 2022

This is how civic engagement is supposed to work. Indiana took one path on abortion, Kansas another – though their demographic and political profiles are similar. Other states will move down different paths still, or stay where they are for a while, serving either as cautionary tales or as examples to be followed by legislators […]