Hardy Murphy

Hardy Murphy

Dr. Hardy Murphy has a split appointment with IUPUI School of Education and the Center on Education and Lifelong Learning. His work at Indiana University includes training and facilitation focused on culturally responsive practices and issues of disparities in discipline, teacher and principal evaluation, school improvement and educational equity. Dr. Murphy is also involved in numerous research projects including statewide research on teacher evaluation, charter schools and inclusion of students with disabilities. His past experiences include 13 years as Superintendent of District 65 in Evanston, IL and 20 years with the Fort Worth Independent School District in Fort Worth, TX.


Third grade retention: to understand its effects, look at all the data

By: , and - January 25, 2024

Few moments in the rites of passage through childhood are as important as the news of whether one is promoted to the next grade or retained another year in one’s current grade. Ask any parent about the exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment accompanying news that your child is promoted, or the traumatic child and family […]